1734-OB4<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Brand:</font> Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Condition:</font> Brand New,factory sealed<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Description:</font> POINT I/O 4 Point Digital Output Module<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Availability:</font> Always in stock<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Warranty:</font> 12 month globally<br>

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Brand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley
Condition: Brand New,factory sealed
Description:POINT I/O 4 Point Digital Output Module
Availability: Always in stock
Warranty: 12 month globally 


Allen-Bradley 1734-OB4 has 1 push-button switch position and 4 channels. The output of channel 0 is 0 and the common is 6. The output of channel 1 is 1, and the common terminal is 7. The output of channel 2 is 2 and the common terminal is 4. 1734-OB4 The output of channel 3 is 3 and the common terminals are 5. The wiring category on the signal port is 2. The wire size is determined by the terminal block installed. The 1734-OB4 input / output status has only two indicators. One indicator is used to turn off the machine. The yellow indicator indicates that one or more outputs are active.

The 1734-OB4 has four non-isolated source outputs. It has a nominal voltage of 24 volts DC and an on-state voltage range of 10 to 28.8 volts DC. 1734-OB4 has a maximum on-state voltage drop of 0.2 volts DC. The minimum on-state current for each channel is 1.0 mA, and the off-state voltage peak is 28.8 volts DC. 1734-OB4 has an output current rating of 1.0 Amp per output and a maximum of 3.0 Amps per module. The 1734-OB4 has different indicators, the output status is 4 yellow, and the module and network status are 2 green / red. The terminal base screw torque mass of this model is 0.8 Nm (7 lbs / inch), the power consumption at 1.2 W is 28.8 volts DC, and the maximum heat dissipation is 28.8 volts DC and 4.1 BTU / hour.

1734-OB4 The module's upper OFF state leakage is 0.5 mA, and its OFF-ON and ON-OFF output signal delays are both 0.1 milliseconds. The 1734-OB4 has an inrush current of 2 amps for 10 milliseconds and can be repeated for 3 seconds. The 1734-OB4 has an external DC supply current of 16 mA and a 50 V isolation voltage (continuous) tested at 2500 V DC for 60 seconds. The dimensions are 56.0 x 12.0 x 75.5 mm. It weighs approximately 33.17 grams and has a relative humidity range of 5 to 95% (non-condensing). 1734-OB4 has an operating temperature of -20 to 55 degrees Celsius and a non-operating temperature of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. It has a working shock of 30 grams and a non-working shock of 50 grams. The North American temperature code is T4A.

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