1756-IB32<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Brand:</font> Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Condition:</font> Brand New,factory sealed<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Description:</font> ControlLogix 32 Pt 12/24V DC D/I Module<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Availability:</font> Always in stock<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Warranty:</font> 12 month globally<br>

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Allen-Bradley 1756-IB32 is a ControlLogix digital I / O module. This input module is part of the ControlLogix system and is divided into 2 groups providing 32 inputs with 16 points in each group. Mount it to a ControlLogix rack by using the required removable junction box housing or RTB, such as the Allen-Bradley 1756-TBCH or 1756-TBS6H. When installing a 1756-IB32 module, note that the slot width of the module is 1. In addition, the module's chassis type is open. The 1756-IB32 module operates from 10 to 31.2 volts DC with a nominal input voltage of 24 volts DC. The voltage category of the 1756-IB32 is 12/24 volt DC sink current, which consumes 120 mA at 5.1 volts and 2 mA at 24 volts. The total backplane power rating is 0.66W. The maximum power consumption at 60 degrees Celsius is 6.2 W, and the heat dissipation is 21.

The Allen-Bradley 1756-IB32 ControlLogix digital I / O module also has a maximum rated inrush current of 250 mA. Without activation, the 1756-IB32 decays below 37% in 22 milliseconds. In the off state, its maximum current is 2.27 mA and its maximum voltage is 5V. The input delay times for the on-off and on-off processes are different. For top-to-bottom processes, the 1756-IB32 hardware delay is up to 380 microseconds, and the user-configurable filtering time is 0, 1, or 2 milliseconds. The switch delay time includes a hardware delay of up to 420 microseconds plus a user-configurable filtering time of 0, 1, 2, 9 or 18 milliseconds. The 1756-IB32 features reverse polarity protection and software-configurable state change.

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