1756-L75<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Brand:</font> Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Condition:</font> Brand New,factory sealed<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Description:</font> ControlLogix 32 MB Controller<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Availability:</font> Always in stock<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Warranty:</font> 12 month globally<br>

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Allen-Bradley 1756-L75 is a ControlLogix Series A programmable automation controller. The 1756-L75 has a 4-character alphanumeric display that lets you view its current status and other diagnostic information. The controller has 32 MB of user memory for data and logic, and 0.98 MB of I / O memory. It also has an optional non-volatile memory storage; the controller comes with a 1 GB SD card (1784-SD1) that you can install to the module. You can also choose to upgrade the memory to 2 GB using 1784-SD2. Although using an SD card with the controller is optional, it is highly recommended that you install it. When a fault occurs, the controller saves its diagnostic data on the card.
Use Rockwell Automation SD cards, as they have been thoroughly tested, can be used with the controller, and can withstand the extreme temperatures that the controller may withstand. The 1756-L75 also has a USB port that can handle full-speed connections up to 12 Mbps.


1756-L75 controller can handle up to 500 controller connections. The 1756-L75 also has multiple communication options available, such as third-party process and device networks, EtherNet / IP, SynchLink, ControlNet, remote I / O, DeviceNet, and Data Highway Plus. Supported USB port communication is limited to configuration, online editing, programming, and firmware flash.

The 1756-L75 also comes with three capacitor energy storage modules, two of which are removable and one is non-removable. The controller comes with a removable 1756-ESMCAP module. The other removable module is the 1756-ESMNSE, with no WallClockTime power supply remaining. The 1756-ESMNRM is a non-removable module that protects the controller by preventing the use of SD cards and USB connections.

The 1756-L75 has a maximum digital I / O and total I / O of 128,000 and a maximum analog I / O of 4,000. The controller's current consumption is 5 mA at 1.2V DC and 800 mA at 5.1V DC. It has a power consumption of 2.5 W and a continuous isolation voltage of 30V. Its heat dissipation is 8.5 BTU / hour, and its relative humidity is 5% to 95% (non-condensing). The 1756-L75 controller has an upper ambient air temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, a working temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius, and a non-operating temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. Its vibration is 2 g at 10 to 500 Hz, the non-operational vibration is 50 g, the SD card is reduced to 45 g, and the operating vibration is 30 g.


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