• intelligent control instrument, is designed for belt scale, reamer scale, round pan scale, such as design, is a high-performance integrating measurement, control, display instrument, instrument adopts industrial-grade components design, VFDS high brightness luxury

    Wed Jun 29 10:40:33 CST 2022

  • the adoption of fieldbus technology, communication speed, communication distance, high reliability.CPU hardware structure, good real-time performance and high control accuracy.

    Wed Jun 29 10:41:31 CST 2022

  • CNC machine tool PLC in the operation process of the following several common faults, in the work of the project to take the following corresponding measures to solve the fault, the normal operation of the equipment.

    Wed Jun 29 10:42:19 CST 2022

  • PowerFlex engineering ac inverter is an economical and practical solution for a wide range of applications. This universal converter is designed to be easy to use, time-saving, and to optimize panel space and application versatility with compact packaging.

    Wed Jun 29 10:43:31 CST 2022

  • Soft starter is concatenated between power supply and was charged with motor, through the microcomputer control of its internal thyristor trigger conduction Angle to realize ac voltage regulation, make the motor input voltage from zero to the default function relations gradually rise, until the end, starting to give full voltage of the motor, is the soft start, in the process of soft starter, motor starting torque increase gradually, speed also increases gradually,

    Wed Jun 29 14:17:11 CST 2022

  • Overload protection: the soft starter introduces a current control ring, which can track and detect the change of motor current at any time.The overload protection function is realized by increasing the setting of overload current and the reverse time limit control mode.

    Wed Jun 29 14:18:08 CST 2022