• Bulletin 100 - C contactor 100 - C12 10 • small size, 45 kW /60 Hp (85 A) • ac and dc coil control • universal accessories for all contactor sizes • install auxiliary contacts on front and side • electronic and pneumatic timing modules

    Wed Jun 29 10:28:26 CST 2022

  • Come across a case equipment can not run, according to the manual check the fan and the temperature of the converter, the current is normal, normal fault was found, then we rockwell AB high voltage inverter maintenance engineer examination revealed is located in the inverter)

    Wed Jun 29 10:29:26 CST 2022

  • Allen-bradley Bulletin 300 NEMA contactor and Bulletin 100-e IEC contactor are designed to help machine manufacturers design smaller, energy efficient control cabinets.

    Wed Jun 29 10:37:06 CST 2022

  • AB rockwell touch screen maintenance center in the United States professional introduction about PLC touch screen and DCS configuration industrial control maintenance principle, for the industrial control of the application of the human interface is very wide, the following is to give you a simple share about the normal working principle of the touch screen. One, industrial control major. Industrial control major is essential for industrial production and scientific development, big to aircraft and artillery, small to drink mineral water, fine to artificial intelligence robot all walks of life are inseparable from industrial control, relatively speaking, industrial control employment channels are very wide, work is never a problem.

    Wed Jun 29 10:37:57 CST 2022

  • Soft starter, in fact, is a motor control device with motor soft start, soft stop, light load energy saving and a variety of protection functions.The thyristor and its electronic control circuit are connected in series between the power supply and the controlled motor.

    Wed Jun 29 10:38:48 CST 2022

  • The hardware of the automation system adopts Siemens S7300 series and ET200 modules, and the software adopts Siemens STEP7 series and WINCC series.According to the technological requirements, the raw material of sintering is controlled in a certain proportion, and the feeding system is given according to the level information of each bin.

    Wed Jun 29 10:39:40 CST 2022