1746 SLC™500 power module 1746-p1

1746 SLC™500 power module 1746-p1

Tue Jun 28 14:12:31 CST 2022

Product features

It can withstand transient power supply without affecting the operation of the system

A typical hold time of 20 milliseconds to 3 seconds

Connect directly to the computer case without additional cables

The four DC options support 12/24v DC, 24V DC, 48V DC and 125V DC input voltages

The three AC options support 120/240v AC input voltage


C-ul class 1 class 2 hazard, UL, CE

Certification applies to marking products.Please refer to our product certification website for details on compliance, certificates, and other certificates.

Product model/parameters

1746 SLC™500 power supply:

1746 - P1 85...132/170...265VAC, 2A at 5V;24 v 0.46 A

1746 - P2 85...132/170...265VAC, 5A at 5V;24 v 0.96 A

1746 - P3 19.2...28.8vdc, 3.6a at 5V;24 v 0.87 A

1746 - P4 85...132/170...265VAC, 10A at 5V;24 v 2.88 A

1746 - P5 90...146VDC, 5A at 5V;24 v 0.96 A

1746 - P6 30...60VDC, 5V at 5A;24 v 0.96 A

1746 - P7 10...30 VDC