1756 ControlLogix® I/O module

1756 ControlLogix® I/O module

Tue Jun 28 14:27:27 CST 2022

The Bulle tin 1756-im16i 159-265  controllogix@1/0 module provides a comprehensive range of digital quantities, diagnostic digital quantities, analog quantities and motion control 1/o for a variety of applications.Any of these 1/0 modules can be used within the local framework of the ControlLogix controller.In addition to motion control modules, these modules can be used in a framework that links to the ControlLogix controller across the ControlNetrM or EtherNet/pTm network in the ControlLogix system.

Features are installed in a controllogix@ chassis

A portable terminal block (RTB) or a bulletin 1492 line interface module (IFM) is required to connect all field-side cabling

Inherent timestamp of a sequence of events for a functional (SOE) application

Comprehensive 1/0 diagnostic testing system and field-side failures

Delete and insert in power (RIUP) is easy to maintain

Electronic keying to prevent substitution errors

The I/O wizard enables quick and simple module configuration in the Studio 5000MLogix designer application

Product 1756-im16i 159-265  Controllogi digital 1/0 module

Different voltage 8-32 module

Isolated and nonisolated module types

Point-level output fault state direct connection or rack optimized communication

Field-side diagnostics on the selection module

1756-im16i 159-265  ControlLogix analog 1/ module

Input, output, and composite modules

Thermocouple and RTD module

The on-board data is worrying

Expansion to engineering units

Real-time channel sampling

Keying electronic module, component configurable mechanical RTB keying, user defined

1756-im16i 159-265  ControlLogix professional I/O module

Flow meter module can be configured

High speed counter module

Programmable limit switch module

1756 ControlLogixa discharge terminal (RTBS)

Provides a flexible interconnect between plants and 1/0 modules

Screen-clamp or spring-clamp termination of pregnancy

No 1/0 module attached;You must order separately

Full digital ac input module

Model :1756-ia8d 79-132 VAC diagnostic input 8 points (20 stitches)

1756-ia16 79-132 v ac input 16 min (20 stitches).

1756-ia16i 79-132 VAC isolated input 16 points (36 stitches)

1756-1a32 74-132 v ac input 32 min (36 stitches)

1756-im16i 159-265 VAC isolated input 16 points (36 stitches)

1756-in16 10-30 v ac input 16 min (20 stitches)

Digital dc input module

VDC input 16 minutes (20 pins)

1756-ib16d 10-30 VDC diagnostic input 16 minutes (36 stitches)

1756-ib16i 10-30 VDC isolated input 16 minutes (36 stitches)

1756-ib16if 10 ~30 VDC fast isolated point-to-point input 16 minutes (36 stitches)

1756-ib16isoe 10-30 VDC isolated input of 16 points (36 stitches).

VDC input 32 points (36 stitches)

1756-ic16 30-60 volt dc input 16 min (20 stitches)

1756-ig16 0-5 VDC TTL input (low true)16 min (20 stitches)

1756-ih16i 90-146 volt dc isolation input 16 min (36 stitches)

1756-ih16isoe 125 VDC isolated event sequence input 16 pt(36 stitches)

1756-iv16 10-30 VDC procurement input 16 points (20 stitches)

1756-iv32 10-30 VDC procurement input 32 points (36 stitches)