Wed Jun 29 10:49:27 CST 2022


Characteristics and advantages

The CompactLogix 5370 L3 controller is an economical and scalable control solution that is well suited for a wide range of applications from small stand-alone devices to high-performance indexing disks, pry mounted process equipment, packing machines, unpacking machines, and packaging equipment.

Machine manufacturers and end users can take advantage of the features of these controllers to cut costs:

Support for integrated EtherNet/ ip-based motion control

Support device level ring (DLR) network topology

Built-in energy storage module, no need of lithium battery

Support for existing 1769 I/O

1 GB detachable safety number (SD)

Card, improve data integrity

Flexible choice of memory capacity up to 3 MB

New features for dangerous situations (NSE version)

Support Kinematics without additional robot controllers and software

The open socket feature supports Modbus TCP and devices such as printers, bar code readers and servers


The CompactLogix platform integrates high performance and

Logix platform advantage - common programming environment, common network, common control engine.Thanks to the Compact I/O module,

The CompactLogix platform is ideal for small and medium sized device level control applications with or without simple motion control, with unprecedented power and scalability.

The CompactLogix platform is ideal for systems requiring stand-alone control and for systems interconnect control over EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, or DeviceNet networks.

The CompactLogix system is primarily used to provide Logix solutions for small and medium-sized applications.

Typically, these applications are device-level control applications.

A simple system can consist of independent controllers with a set of I/O modules and DeviceNet communications.