410AB rockwell 1756PA72

410AB rockwell 1756PA72

Tue Jun 28 14:25:00 CST 2022

The Bulletin 1756 controllogix@ power supply can be used in conjunction with the 1756 ControlLoqix rack to provide 1.2v, 3.3v, 5V and 24V dc power supply directly to the rack backboard.These are redundant and extreme rings


All necessary regulated voltages operate on any controllogix@chassis module

Fluctuation of incoming line power with limited retention time

Causes the ordered system to shut down the signal module chassis imminent voltage failure


1756 standard power supply

Can be on ac or dc power

1756 electricity supply extreme environment

Design environment and -25 years.70c(-13.1580f) temperature range

The environment and -20..70 ℃ (4...158F) FLEX 1/0-xt module is used for temperature range.

Dc power supply only

1756 redundant power supply

The same functionality is provided as a standard power supply

Support for automatic chassis load distribution between redundant power supplies

The visual operational state of the status indicator

The solid-state relay system identifies the supply state when connected to an input module

Can be on ac or dc power