AB inverter correct daily maintenance

AB inverter correct daily maintenance

Tue Jun 28 14:03:40 CST 2022

AB frequency converter regular maintenance requirements:

Check whether the fan inlet is blocked regularly and clean the air filter every month to cool the duct and internal dust.

Periodic inspection should be carried out once a year: check whether screws, bolts and plugins are loose and whether there is short circuit in the resistance to ground and phase of the input and output reactors, which should normally be larger than tens of megom.

If the conductor and insulator are corroded, wipe them clean with alcohol in time.Measure the voltage stability of each circuit output by switching power supply, such as: 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and so on.

If the contact of the contactor has any trace of ignition, it is necessary to replace the new contactor with the same model or larger than the original capacity;

Verify the correctness of the control voltage and carry out the sequential protection action test;Confirm that there is no abnormality in the protective display circuit;

Verify the output voltage balance of the inverter when it is running independently.

Do a good job in the daily maintenance and overhaul of the frequency converter, mainly including:

(1) Regularly dust the frequency converter, focusing on the rectifier, inverter and control cabinet. 

If necessary, the rectifier module, inverter module and the control cabinet circuit board can be removed for dust removal.Frequency converter down the air inlet and upper air outlet whether dust or dust accumulation is too much and blocked.

Due to the heat dissipation requirement of the frequency converter, after running for a certain time, the surface area dust is very serious, so it is necessary to clean and dust regularly.

(2) the inverter the front door, open the back door open, carefully check the ac and dc bus without deformation, corrosion and oxidation, bus joint screw is loose, the installation of fixed point of solid screw is loose, fixed with insulation or insulating column with and without cracking or deformation, 

if any should be replaced in a timely manner, to tighten, the bus has occurred deformation must be adjusted.

(3) After dedusting the circuit board and bus, carry out necessary anticorrosive treatment, apply insulating paint, and remove the burrs of the bus with partial discharge and arc tension.

If the insulation board has been broken down, the damaged part shall be removed, and the insulation board of corresponding insulation grade shall be used to isolate it near the damage, and the insulation shall be fastened and tested, and qualified before being put into use.