AB rocker 4 series inverter 22AD1P4H204

AB rocker 4 series inverter 22AD1P4H204

Tue Jun 28 14:32:16 CST 2022

PowerFlex4 family of common properties

Assembly and installation

When installing A and B frame frequency converters, you can either use DIN guide rail installation feature to clip the converter in the slot, or you can use the panel installation method to increase the flexibility.

Flange mounting effectively reduces the size of the entire housing of the converter.Zero Stacking" allows the ambient temperature to be 40℃ c. this saves valuable panel space.When the ambient temperature is 50~℃, the minimum space between the frequency converter is allowed.

230V single-phase inverter with built-in EMC filter, it can meet the requirements of EN55011, class A and B EMC standard.External filters enable all PowerFlex4 and 40 converters to meet the standard requirements for class A and class B environments,

The optional IP30(NEMA1) guide rail box is available for standard IP20(NEMA open) products and offers higher environmental characteristics.

IP66, NEMA/UL Type 4x/12(indoor) can be installed directly in the user's site, no need for additional cabinets, meet UL standards and NSF international food machinery standards

Starting, programming and operation

Integrated operating keyboard provides local potentiometer and control keys.

The 10 most common application parameters are included in the basic programming group to make programming fast and simple.

The programming key has the same function as all other PowerFlex converters, and if the user learns to edit one model of PowerFlex converter, then the entire family of PowerFlex converters can be edited.

Four LED digital display and ten indicator lights are used together to provide an intuitive display of the status and information of the converter.

The integrated rs-485 communication can be used for PC programming.It can also be used in multi-branch network configuration.The serial conversion module can be connected to any controller through the DF1 port,

The NEMA 4x remote and NEMA 1 handheld LCD operation panels provide additional programming power and control flexibility, both with parameter copying capabilities. 

Optimize performance

The detachable MOV earth provides easy operation when used in ungrounded power supply systems.

Relay precharging limits the inrush current.

The integrated braking unit has a built-in frequency converter (except for models without braking function) that provides dynamic braking capability with a simple, low-cost braking resistance.The DIP switch makes the control wiring flexible and can be set to 24V dc for filling current or pull current control.

150% overload lasts for 60s and 200% overload lasts for 3s, providing strong overload protection.

The PWM frequency can be adjusted to 16kHz to ensure the mute operation.