AB rockwell 150 series soft start user manual installation instructions

AB rockwell 150 series soft start user manual installation instructions

Wed Jun 29 10:18:39 CST 2022

Protection grade

Smc-flex soft starter has IP00 live IP2X protection depending on its size.The equipment must be installed in IP54 (type 2) switchgear considering the environmental conditions.Ensure that no dust, liquid or conductive object enters the soft start.The operation of the soft starter produces waste heat (heat loss).


For a rating of 625...Controller for 1250A, the device should be lifted from the specified lifting point.Change lifting point is specified to accept 1/2-13 per screw thread and to withstand 2500 lb crane.

Routine preventive measures

In addition to the notes listed in this booklet, the following notes are small for the entire system.Read it carefully to fully understand what it means.

1. The controller contains electrostatic sensitive parts ESD1 and components.Measures to control static electricity are required during installation, testing, operation or maintenance.Failure to comply with preventive measures may result in component damage.If you are not familiar with electrostatic precautions, you may refer to the corresponding antistatic manual.

2. Improper use and installation of controllers will damage components and shorten product life.Wiring error or improper use.For example, the controller does not match the motor capacity.Incorrect or inappropriate supply voltage, as well as excessive ambient temperature, can cause the system to malfunction.

3. Only professionals who are familiar with the controller and its related mechanical systems can plan, install, debug and carry out subsequent system maintenance.Otherwise, it may cause injuries or equipment damage.

4. When conducting triangular wiring, the dangerous high pressure acting on terminals T1,T2,T3,T4, T5 and T6 of the controller may cause impact, ablation or cause casualties.

Note: the power terminal protection cap is installed to prevent improper connection of the terminals. The main power must be disconnected before using the controller cargo for wiring.

The case

The open design of the smc-flex controller requires that it be installed in the chassis.The temperature in the case must be controlled at 0...50 ℃.

For type 12 (IP54) cases, it is recommended to limit the ambient temperature of the controller as shown in the manual table.A minimum of 15cm(6 inches) should be left above and below the controller to allow air to flow through the cooling tank.

All components use fans to cool down.And it is very important to ensure that the air passes vertically through the power module.The controller must be mounted on a vertical chassis panel with at least 15cm of space above and below.

When drilling or installing soft starter accessories, make sure there is sufficient measuring distance to protect the equipment from dust and debris.

Power factor correction capacitor

The controller is installed in a system with a power factor compensation capacitor (PFC).The capacitor must be installed on the controller's power feed side.This prevents SCR damage inside the smc-flex controller.

After discharge, the actual impedance of the capacitor is zero.In the conduction process, the capacitors are connected in series to produce a high enough impedance to limit the surge current.One way to limit the surge current is to add inductance to a capacitor circuit by connecting an iron core or coil between the power supply and the capacitor.

250V- -- 6 turns of coil in diameter of 15cm

480...Coil of 600V -- 15cm diameter with 8 turns

Special care should be taken when installing coils to ensure that they do not stack directly together, as this will reduce the effect.At the same time in the installation of iron core to use insulation bracket, so as not to cause inductive heating source, if the use of isolated contactor, the capacitor should be installed in the front of the contactor.