AB rockwell 1756A17

AB rockwell 1756A17

Tue Jun 28 14:24:00 CST 2022

The modular controllogix@ and guardlogix@ systems require the Bulletin 1756A17 1/0 framework.These frames are designed for horizontal installation of the backplane only.You can put any module into any slot.The backboard provides a high-speed communication path between modules.The framework is divided into standard and extreme environments.


Through the high speed communication path module between the backplane

Distribute the power of each module through the chassis of the soleplate

The slot guide and snap-in remain convenient and safe for any type of 1756 module

Chassis specially designed for standard or extreme environments (optional)

Accommodate 1756 power supply for direct installation


1756 standard chassis

Environment and 0...60℃(32.140f) temperature range

Available in 4-slot 7-slot, 10-slot 13-slot and 17-slot models

1756 extreme environment chassis

Design environment with one 25 years...0 c (13...1580F) temperature range

The environment and temperature range of 20.70c (4.180F) are in the FLEX1/ 0-xt "module

5-slot7-slot model is available


1756-a4 4-slot ControlLoqix chassis

1756-a4Lxt 4 slot ControlLogixR disk,Logix XT

1756-a5xt 5-slot ControlLogix chassis,Logix XT

1756-a7 7-slot ControlLogix chassis

1756-a7xt 7-slot ControlLogix chassis,Logix xT, temperature range 25-700c (13-1580f)

1756-a7lxt 7 slot ControlLoqix chassis,Logix xT, outside temperature range C(13-1400f)

1756-a10 10-slot ControlLogix chassis

1756- a13 13 slot ControlLogix chassis

1756-a17 17 bad ControlLogix chassis