AB rockwell module 1734IB8 1734-ib8

AB rockwell module 1734IB8 1734-ib8

Tue Jun 28 14:16:54 CST 2022

The POINT I/O modules

Our Bulletin 1734 POINT I/O module provides digital, analog, and special function I/O in addition to POINT Guard security level I/O. Each module has 1 to 8 points.You can mix standard I/O and security I/O on the same system.The full diagnostic and configurable capabilities make POINT I/O very easy to use.


With a modular design, you can independently select I/O, terminal types, and network interfaces

Modules can be slid as a whole for installation or uninstalled for maintenance

The removable wire system saves time and money during installation and troubleshooting

Full diagnostic and configurable capabilities make POINT I/O™ easy to use

Modules can be replaced during system operation by live plug (RIUP)

It can be installed horizontally or vertically without any reduction

Automatic equipment replacement (ADR) features can reduce downtime

The user - defined configuration file in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer application can be successfully Integrated into the Integrated Architecture system

Apply with tape

1734 POINT I/O digital volume module

Input, output and relay output modules of various voltage short circuit and broken line point level output fault diagnosis

Field diagnostics of selected modules with the option of either direct connection or rack-optimized communication for security application projects POINT Guard I/O™ modules configurable modules each POINT can be configured for dc input or output using DeviceLogix technology

1734 POINT I/O analog module

Each module * has 8 more single-ended inputs or outputs

Thermocouple and thermal resistance modules are provided

A channel that can be configured separately

The onboard setting

Optional input filter

Over or under range detection

1734 POINT I/O special module

Counter and encoder module

Synchronous serial interface absolute encoder module

Serial interface module (rs-232, rs-485 / rs-422)

Address reservation (ARM) module

Supports connecting to devices with IO link enabled through the IO link master module