AB1756ControlLogix 1756-L61 

AB1756ControlLogix 1756-L61 

Tue Jun 28 14:22:27 CST 2022


       Offers twice the processing speed of the geobard model compared to the model

Support for Ethernet/IP integrated sports ™, integrated Sercos™ sports, and analog sports

      Supports full controller redundancy

      Support for deletion and insertion in power (RIUP)

     Process and device networks over Ethernet/IP communication,ControlNet™, device network ™, data superhighway plus ™, remote I/O,SynchLink, and third party

     Lets you plan to use relay ladder logic, structured text, function block, SFC language

     Provides flexible user memory options


      1756 ControlLogix® standard controller, ground level and 16 models


1756-l61 Logix5561 processor 2 megabytes of memory

1756-l62 Logix5562 processor and 4 megabytes of memory

1756-l63 Logix5563 processor 8 megabytes of memory

1756-l63xt Logix XT Logix5563 processor 8 MB of memory

1756-l64 Logix5564 processor 16 megabytes of memory

1756-l65 Logix5565 processor with 32 Megabyte controllers

1756-l61rmcn1 ControlNet redundancy package

1756 - L61rmen1 Ethernet Redundacy package

1756-l61s Click to view...The GuardLogix processor has 2 megabytes of memory and 1 security Megabyte of memory

1756-l62s Click to view...GuardLogix processor and 4 megabytes of memory and 2 security megabytes of memory

1756-l63s Click to view...The GuardLogix processor has 8 megabytes of memory and 4 security megabytes of memory

1756-l71 ControlLogix5571 controller 2 MB of memory

1756-l72 ControlLogix5572 with 4 MB memory controller

1756-l73 ControlLogix5573 controller with 8 MB of memory

1756-l74 ControlLogix5574 and 16 MB memory controller 

1756-l75 ControlLogix5575 processor with 32 MB of memory

1756 - Lsp security partner - automatically assigns security controllers to the next slot

1756-l71s Click to view...GuardLogix integrated secure PAC 2 m standard memory & 1 m secure memory.

1756-l72s Click to view...GuardLogix integrates secure PAC 4 m standard memory and 2 m secure memory.

1756-l73s Click to view...GuardLogix integrated secure PAC 8 m standard memory & 4 m secure memory.

1756-l7sp Click to view...GuardLogix security partner processor

1756-l72eroms Click to view...ArmorGuardLogix on-machinetm security controller,4 MB / 2 MB memory, dual Ethernet/IP,IP67.

1756-l73xt Click to view...ControlLogix XT PAC with 8 m of memory

Memory expansion submodule

1756-m12 Logix5555 750 k memory module

1756-m13 Logix5555 1.5 Megabyte memory module

1756-m14 Logix5555 3.5 Megabyte memory module

1756 - m16 Logix5555 7.5 Megabyte memory module

1756-m22 Logix5555 750 k Nv memory module

1756-m23 Logix5555 1.5 megabytes of non-volatile memory

3.5 megabytes of non-volatile memory

1784-cf128 logic industrial compressed flash memory card 556 x 128 MB