Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC

Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC

Tue Jun 28 13:46:33 CST 2022

Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC provides Logix solutions for low-end to medium-sized applications. Typical applications include device-level control applications (requiring only a limited number of inputs and outputs and limited communication requirements). 

Allen Bradley Compactlogix 1769-L31 provides two serial communication interfaces. The 1769-L32C and 1769-L35CR controllers provide an integrated ControlNet communication port.

Allen Bradley 1769-L32E and 1769-L35E provide an integrated Ethernet interface.
The Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC system supports: from the central CompactLogix controller through EtherNet/IP, control network, equipment network to remotely control input and output and field equipment, to achieve distributed control in different locations.
By connecting the Allen Bradley CompactLogix controller to an EtherNet/IP Ethernet or ControlNet control network, you can integrate a machine or a project into a factory-wide control system at a very low cost. 

For example: You can use the 1769-L35E controller to connect a large number of products, such as Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus operator interface, Point I/O, and PowerFlex 70 drives to achieve a full range of integrated solutions.