Allen-bradley Micro820 programmable logic controller

Allen-bradley Micro820 programmable logic controller

Wed Jun 29 09:50:15 CST 2022

The expanded line of Micro800 PLC products now has more functions and options to provide more expansibility for machine manufacturers seeking cost-effective machine control

Rockwell automation launches allen-bradley Micro820 programmable logic controller (PLC) as a new member of the allen-bradley Micro800 PLC family.The 20-point Micro820 controller has embedded Ethernet ports, serial ports, and microSD slots.Its pulse width modulation (PWM) output and formula management function is very suitable for winding packaging machine and compressor and other small machine control.In addition, data recording, analog and thermistor temperature inputs are also critical for remote automation applications such as pump control and air handling units. 

Melkote Srinivasan, senior business manager for rockwell automation, said, "we will continue to develop the Micro800 platform so that small machine manufacturers have the flexibility to tailor their designs to their application needs.The new Micro820 controller, LCD display, functional plug-in module and integrated programming configuration software (CCW) version 6.0 has a wealth of features and options to help them highlight and enhance their products' strengths and competitiveness.

Integrated programming configuration software (CCW) simplifies the configuration, design, and maintenance of the Micro820 controller.The latest version of the software adds support for more machines, such as the new allen-bradley Guardmaster 440c-cr30 configurable safety relay and allen-bradley Kinetix 3 component-level servo drive.The release also provides password protection for application code and collaboration between multiple projects, as well as the ability to better protect user investments through convenient controller upgrade tools.

For new machine makers, the software is free to download and offers built-in guides, manuals and online help.


Micro800 remote 3.5-inch LCD display.As an important accessory of the Micro820 controller, the Micro800 LCD display is backlit in four colors and can display up to eight lines of ASCII text, with a keyboard with programmable function keys for ip65-level cabinet door installation when used as a simple operator interface.The display displays customized application diagnostic messages and text.The system menu supports multiple languages, and the machine manufacturer can also directly view and edit variables and set the controller's Ethernet address.The embedded USB port can be used as the programming port of the controller.

Micro800 DeviceNet scanner plug-in module.The new Micro800 DeviceNet scanner plug-in for the Micro800 family of controllers supports up to 20 nodes of the allen-bradley PowerFlex ac converter or allen-bradley CompactBlock LDX I/O.This allows for remote control and wiring of frequency converters and I/O, thereby reducing the wiring and installation costs of both in-cabinet and out-of-cabinet remote transmission applications for stand-alone machine applications.Automatic scanning and device-specific functional blocks simplify programming and configuration, and make network diagnostics easier.


Micro800 motion control high speed counter plug-in module.With the new Micro800 motion-control high-speed counter plug-in module, machine manufacturers can add high-speed counters to the Micro800 controller cost-effectively.The functional plug-in is used with the allen-bradley Micro830 or Micro850 controller's PTO axis configuration to provide position feedback from the servo driver for actual position feedback, or with the encoder for position and speed monitoring.The plug-in supports a 5V differential line driver input of up to 250 kHz and a 24V DC input of up to 100 kHz.