Control system features

Control system features

Wed Jun 29 10:40:33 CST 2022

Control system features

(a) intelligent control instrument, is designed for belt scale, reamer scale, round pan scale, such as design, is a high-performance integrating measurement, control, display instrument, instrument adopts industrial-grade components design, VFDS high brightness luxury fluorescent display of Chinese characters, the SMT process, a variety of anti-jamming measures and the latest research results of SCC, and has powerful function, small volume, high reliability and strong adaptability, etc.Applicable to all forms and all ranges of belt scale control.It has many outstanding advantages such as reliable quality, accurate measurement, high control precision, flexible use and convenient operation.The functions and features are as follows:

1, the adoption of fieldbus technology, communication speed, communication distance, high reliability.

2. Double CPU hardware structure, good real-time performance and high control accuracy.

3, high brightness color fluorescent tube character display, can display 2 rows of a total of 40 lattice characters.Display information rich, intuitive, easy to operate.

4. Input/output interface adopts a variety of hardware anti-interference technologies.

5. The instrument can be operated by keyboard, external signal (port), remote terminal and upper computer.

6. Multiple calibration methods such as weight calibration, chain code calibration and material calibration can be used to meet different user requirements.

7, intelligent PID regulation, optional parameters self-tuning function.

8. It can be connected with the host computer, PLC or DCS by means of instrument interface, remote extension module and communication interface.

9. The maximum and minimum values of analog input/output signals can be set.

10, standby or running state display parameters can be customized by the user.

11. There are two control modes: flow control and accumulative control.


12, with speed regulation and constant speed two working modes.

13. Multiple alarm outputs can be set.

14. The upper and lower limits of all parameters are set and the provincial accuracy value is set as per the provincial accuracy value when leaving the factory. When the factory setting function is performed, all parameters are automatically restored to the provincial accuracy value.

15. With the cumulative pulse output, the pulse width and equivalent (material weight represented by each pulse) can be set by parameters.

16. The "flow setting mode" and "start mode" of the instrument can be set as "instrument keyboard", "external interface" and "communication" through parameters.