How to quickly understand the characteristics of rockwell module 1756

How to quickly understand the characteristics of rockwell module 1756

Wed Jun 29 09:47:53 CST 2022

Supply various voltages

Each module provides 8 to 32 points

There are isolated and non-isolated module types

Contains channel-level fault state output

Direct connection or rack optimization communication is possible

Field diagnosis of selected modules

1756 ControlLogix analog quantity I/O module

Contains input, output, and composite modules

Thermocouple and thermal resistance modules are provided

Contains module level data alerts

Provide engineering unit setting

Provides real-time channel sampling

Provides electronic module matching, which can be configured through software

Contains mechanical detachable terminal block matching, user - defined

Voltage, current, or 2-wire transmitter current type is configured channel by channel

Channel by channel configuration of thermal resistance or thermocouple

1756 ControlLogix special function I/O module

Contains configurable flow meter modules

Provides high speed counter module

Provide programmable limit switch module

1756 ControlLogix detachable terminal block (RTB)

Achieve flexible interconnection between factory wiring and I/O modules

Contains a screw clamp or spring clamp terminal

No I/O module attached;Must be ordered separately

1756 HART bus analog quantity isolation I/O module

Provide inter-channel isolation

HART bus modems are provided channel by channel to improve the speed of HART bus data update

Provide basic field equipment configuration through user - defined profiles

Helps eliminate the need for field isolation barriers when using isolation modules

1756 enhanced analog quantity I/O module

Improves accuracy, repeatability, stability and accuracy

Contains isolated 8 channels and non-isolated 12 and 16 channels modules, can achieve stable operation in the entire operating temperature range

No field calibration required

Using a 24-bit design can improve accuracy

Contains each channel status and fault indicator indicator