Module 1746 SLC I/0 1746-1b16

Module 1746 SLC I/0 1746-1b16

Tue Jun 28 14:08:14 CST 2022


· installed on a SLC™500 chassis

· connect three chassis 30 I/O modules to a controller or ac adapter

· optical coupling and filtering circuits provide signal noise reduction

· some modules include color, detachable terminal


1746 SLC digital I/O module

· to 32 points module

· ac and dc input modules

· ac, dc and relay-contact output modules

· combination module is available

1746 SLC simulation I/O module

· extensive analog signal levels

· standard analog inputs and outputs

· direct thermocouple and RTD temperature input

· good accuracy

· high resolution

· fast response input filter selection or high noise immunity

1746 SLC professional I/O module

· high-speed counter

· process control module

· movement and positioning module

1746 SLC communication interface

· install a communication adapter module on the SLC chassis I/O to position its remote controller

·ControlNet™ and global remote I/O communication adapter modules


C. - UL UL, CE, C - Tick