PLC characteristics

PLC characteristics

Wed Jun 29 10:41:31 CST 2022

PLC characteristics

1, the adoption of fieldbus technology, communication speed, communication distance, high reliability.

2. CPU hardware structure, good real-time performance and high control accuracy.

3. Feed the raw materials according to the information of material level in the warehouse.

4. Input/output interface adopts a variety of hardware anti-interference technologies.

5. Intelligent PID adjustment, self-tuning.

6. Data in the production process can be collected, processed, recorded and monitored in real time.

7. According to the production needs, the ratio of each batch scale can be adjusted online.

8. It has the accumulative function of shift output, daily output and monthly output.

9, the on-site weighing warehouse instrument display all in and out of PLC control, to achieve the display of the two places.

10, the whole process of automatic batching, automatic batching system for independent closed-loop control, can achieve manual batching.

11. The upper computer adopts industrial control computer, and the simulation screen is displayed.The total given setting, ratio setting, on and off, parameter setting and so on with the mouse operation, simple and convenient.

12. With 485 interface communication function, data processing and control function,

13, the computer automatically records the operation, operation, can be consulted at any time.

14. An emergency stop operation box is set on the site, which can be used for the operation and emergency stop of various equipment on the site.