Rockwell automation blockbuster launch Pavilion8 model predictive control (MPC) software

Rockwell automation blockbuster launch Pavilion8 model predictive control (MPC) software

Wed Jun 29 09:44:54 CST 2022

Rockwell automation in today's blockbuster launch Pavilion8 model predictive control (MPC) software, it has a more humane, configure the environment, step by step tips, warning diagnosis function and flexible workflow, can be a complex process model build, maintain and adjust the change numerous for brief.

"Pavilion8 in solving challenging control problem, enjoying a high reputation, is one of the most powerful software in this field, and now it is among the best in terms of ease of use," rockwell automation Pavilion product manager Michael Tay said that the software solution of the builder can be implemented in the current Windows environment configuration, the MPC will lead to more familiar and convenient for the user experience.For example, users can now use easy right-click operations and copy-and-paste operations when developing applications using software.This helps reduce the time it takes users to deploy the solution, as well as the time it takes operators to learn and become familiar with the software.

Pavilion8 MPC v5.0 software on the one hand can remain independent and control system, at the same time with rockwell automation PlantPAx seamless fusion process automation system, the enhancement mainly embodies in four aspects.

Windows-based configuration and support - the newly upgraded windows-based solution builder tool is the foundation for a better user experience for both expert and novice users.The tool allows users to create custom workspaces and provides online help to improve workflows.For example, if a problem is encountered during configuration, the system will be prompted with warnings and error messages related to the operating environment.Users can simply click on the messages to browse through the detailed model-building steps and then follow the prompts to solve the problem.In addition, users can more easily modify previously saved results to simplify model maintenance and reuse existing resources.

Multivariable real-time controller - in version 5.0, users will also experience new time-saving features.The reliable runtime controller has improved significantly since the upgrade, allowing users to add countermeasures against interference in half the time as compared to previous versions, and making it easy to compare the differences between different versions of MPC applications.Users can now easily sort, rename, add, delete, compare, and copy MPC variables.This software supports flexible workflow and can help reduce troubleshooting time.Output variables (such as powder humidity in an industrial dryer or reactor pressure in a container) can also be used as input variables for a nonlinear control model, which can help simplify application deployment.Several enhancements to the integrated control model simplify and improve runtime performance.

Continuous monitoring of the controller - users can now configure their own process models by specific metrics such as yield, quality, and energy consumption.They can also use these metrics to continuously monitor the state of the process and track the benefits using historical records.The data efficiency of this software has been raised to a new level, providing a more responsive trend environment, which is especially important for very demanding large systems.