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Allen Bradley 1734-IV2 suppliers Brand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Part No.:1734IV2Description: POINT I/O 2 Point Digital Input Module Condition: Brand New,factory sealed Availability: Always in stock Warranty: 12 month globally


Product Description

1734-IV2 AB Rockwell:

1734-IV2 POINT I / O is a modular I / O product family, ideal for applications.

Need flexibility and low cost of ownership. One to eight-channel density modules, including self-configuring discrete modules,

The modularity of the 1734-IV2 POINT I / O minimizes system cost and size.

The ability to mix standards and secure I / O provides greater flexibility and has the opportunity to be standardized regardless of application requirements.Safety and standard I / O in the same chassis, cost savings, and modular design requires less fence space.
Up to 504 channel network interfaces on a single, removable terminal to speed up debugging, remove and insert power (RIUP) to reduce maintenance time, local autonomous control is easy to use, fast, simple configuration and integration. Complete additional profile in Studio5000® No additional software required, faster channel-level diagnostics. Multiple connection types with sensing execution time of less than 2 ms IO-Link M

1734-IV2 can be used in local and remote I / O, so POINT I / O is further reduced

Engineering costs in design, installation and application development. 1734-IV2 is part of Rockwell Automation's integrated architecture, POINT I / O. Provides comprehensive channel-level diagnostics (disconnections and shorts Circuits) and configurable features such as user-set filters and alerts, making them easy to use in your application. 1734-IV2 POINT I / O is the only modular I / O solution that meets the IP20 rating. Linear, star and ring Ether Net / IP architecture ODVA requirements. This gives you higher system reliability and availability, maximizing your uptime and system performance. IO-Link is compatible with sensors and actuators adopted as the IEC 61131-9 standard. Point IO-Link master can connect up to four IO-Link devices to POINT

No matter what kind of application I / O system, POINT I / O can bring powerful functions. Small, easy-to-use integrated architecture to field device integration package.


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