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1734-TBSBrand:Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition:Brand New,factory sealed Description:POINT I/O Terminal Base Availability:Always in stock Warranty:12 month globally


Product Description


1734-TBS Product Details
POINT Guard I / O, safety input / output module
Single-channel digital input or output modules are ideal for applications requiring safety and automation control. The 1734-TBS communicates with the CIP safety protocol via Ether Net / IP for the GuardLogix safety controller and Device Guard for the SmartGuard600 safety controller. For security and automation control in an I / O solution, the application of the CIP security protocol allows simultaneous transmission of safety and automation control data and diagnostic information over a CIP network.

1734-TBS cost optimization: mix safety input and output with standard POINT I / O, one node is enough
Easy retrofit: use POINT I / O
I / O point-level diagnostics added to existing panels, LEDs quickly identify issues to help reduce machine downtime
1734-TBSTÜV certification: for safety applications up to SIL3, PLe and CAT 4
Flexibility: Supports single-channel and dual-channel safety devices on inputs and outputs
Individual test outputs can be assigned to each safety input device to optimize cable installation
The servo module is a 2-axis closed-loop servo module that can receive trajectory information from a ControlLogix controller. By monitoring the position feedback from the quadrature encoder input and sending an analog command reference to the drive, the servo module can ensure that the actuator (motor) follows a given track. With position feedback as input and ± 10V analog signal as output, the position and speed loop can complete closed-loop adjustment every 200 microseconds.

1734-TBS Important: The servo module must be in the same rack as the ControlLogix controller that controls the servo module. If you want to implement distributed motion control in different locations
A ControlLogix controller should be installed on each rack with a servo module inserted. 1756-SYNCH SynchLink module connects ControlLogix chassis
Connected to SynchLink fiber optic communication link. SynchLink provides time synchronization and data broadcasting capabilities for distributed motion and coordinated drive control. 1734-TBS The following equipment supports
1756-SYNCH SynchLink module 1756-DM driver module Power Flex 700S driver
The 1756-SYNCH module performs three functions: Coordinates CST time between multiple ControlLogix racks; transmits a limited amount of high speed from one frame to another
Data; allows one controller to use motion axis data from another rack controller; 1756-DM drive module allows users to divide installed Reliance points
Distribution Power System (DPS) is updated and retrofitted to a ControlLogix-based system. Each drive module interface is connected to a separate power module interface (PMI) frame. Users can use the 1756-DM to accelerate the modernization of existing power bridges and achieve a leap from analog control to digital control.


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