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1734-TOP3Brand:Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition:Brand New,factory sealed Description:POINT I/O Terminal Base Availability:Always in stock Warranty:12 month globally


Product Description


Allen-Bradley 1734-TOP3 is a POINT I / O terminal block. 1734-TOP3 is implemented as an integrated terminal block. This terminal block (one by one) is a 12-terminal screw-clamp terminal block for fast and efficient wiring of industrial automation field devices, such as sensors and switches to POINT I / O systems. The 1734-TOP3 can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a DIN rail. This terminal base forms the backplane communication connection and distributes its field power bus. By using a mechanical keying setting on the base of this terminal, the incorrect installation of this input / output module can be prevented, and its tool-free assembly process is simple and easy.

The main components of the 1734-TOP3 unit are its junction box, handle, inter lockable side pieces, mechanical keying, base and DIN rail locking screws (orange).
The hardware of the 1734-TOP3 terminal base can be described as a field power bus voltage power supply with 28.8 volts DC power or 120 to 240 volts AC power. The maximum power supply voltage is up to 300 volts. The maximum terminal current is shown in Figure 8A. Approximately 49 x 12 x 168 mm (1.93 x 0.47 x 6.61 inches), and weighs approximately 79.2 grams (2.79 ounces), wire size is 0.25 to 2.5 mm (22 to 14 AWG), and screw torque is 0.6 Nm.
Steps for the 1734-TOP3 terminal base: Place the base over an existing device, such as a power supply, and slide the base down. This interlocks its side panels with adjacent units. Press the module firmly into the DIN rail until the terminal base drops into place. Before inserting the I / O module, the locking screw must be turned to the horizontal position. On its mechanical key, select the number that matches the I / O module to be installed. This process prevents incorrect installation of I / O modules.

1734-TOP3 POINT I / O is connected to the floor of the rack via a DIN rail. Galvanized yellow chrome steel DIN rail for proper grounding. The connection pins are labeled with the numbers 0 to 11, and their connection is determined by the I / O to be used. Only two conductors can be connected to any pin.

1734-TOP3 terminal base compatible modules are (mechanical keys in parentheses): (1) 1734-IB2, 1734-OB8E, 1734-IB8, 1734-IB4, 1734-IV2, 1734-IV8, 1734-IV4, 1734- OV8E, 1734-OB2, 1734-OB4, 1734-OB8, 1734-OB2E, 1734-OB4E, 1734-OB2EP, 1734-OV2E, 1734-OV4E; (3) 1734-IE2C, 1734-IE2V; (4) 1734- OE2V, 1734-OE2C; (5) 1734-CTM, 1734-VTM; (7) 1734-OW2, 1734-OX2, 1734-OW4; (8) 1734-IA4, 1734-IA2, 1734-IM2, 1734-OA2 , 1734-IM4, 1734-OA4.


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