AB Rockwell PLC

AB Rockwell PLC

Tue Jun 28 14:04:45 CST 2022

1, host

The host part includes the processor (CPU), program memory, and user program and data memory.The CPU is the brain of ABPLC Rockwell, which is used to run user programs, monitor the state of input/output interface, make logical judgments and conduct data processing, that is, read input variables, complete the operation specified by user instructions, send the results to the output side, respond to the request of external devices and make judgments.

2. Input/output (I/O) interface

The I/O interface is the part of the PLC connected to the input/output device.The input interface accepts the control of the input device.The output interface drives the output device through the power amplifier circuit after processing the host machine.

3, the power supply

The power supply in the figure refers to the DC switching stabilized power supply configured for the work of electronic circuits such as CPU, memory and I/O interface, which usually also provides DC power for input devices.

4, programming,

Programming is the use of PLC external equipment, the user used to input, check, modify, debug the program or monitor ABPLC Rockwell work.The PLC is connected to the computer via the PC/PPI cable, and the computer is programmed and monitored.

5. Input/output extension unit

The I/O extension interface is used to connect an extension unit that extends the number of external input/output terminals to the base unit, the host.

6. Interface of external devices

This interface can connect the printer, barcode scanner, frequency converter and other external equipment with the host to complete the corresponding operation.