AB rockwell inverter PF520 25AD010N104

AB rockwell inverter PF520 25AD010N104

Tue Jun 28 14:34:17 CST 2022

Product overview

The PowerFlex' 520 series ac inverter adopts innovative design and has various functions, which can be used with independent machines and easily integrated into the system.The PowerHlex 523 converter provides general-purpose control for applications ranging from 15 HP to 11 kW.PowerFlex 525 inverter has the highest flexibility, with performance range from 30Hp to 22kw.PowerFlex 520 series inverter integrates various motor control options, communication functions, energy saving features and standard safety functions, and is economical, practical and suitable for various applications.The following are the key features of the PowerFlex s20 family of inverters that will maximize your system performance and productivity.

PowerFlex 520 series ac inverter features

Modular design

·Detachable control module and power module allow you to configure and install at the same time.

·All the products in the whole power range of each type inverter adopt standard control module.

·The MainsFree configuration allows the use of a standard USB cable, simplifies the connection between the control module and the PC, and allows you to quickly upload, download, and update the converter's new Settings to support attachment CARDS without taking up more space.

·(PowerFlex 523 converter supports one, PowerFlex 525 converter supports two)

Handling and installation

·For A. B and C frame frequency converters, DIN guide rail installation features can be used to complete the installation quickly and easily.Panel installation is also supported to increase installation flexibility.

·When the ambient temperature is below 450 ° c, valuable panel space can be saved by means of zero-space stacking.

·All 200v and 400V class converters adopt integrated filters, which are economical and practical, and meet the requirements of en61800-3c2 and C3 electromagnetic compatibility.External filters ensure that all levels of PowerFlex 520 series converters meet the emc requirements of en 61800-3c1c2 and C3.

·Optional IP30, NEMA/UL type 1 guide rail slots are easily adapted to standard IP 20 (NEMA open) products, providing a higher environmental grade.

Advanced features of Powerflex 520 series ac inverter

Control performance

Various motor control options, including: voltage frequency ratio (V/Hz) sensorless vector control (SVC) closed-loop velocity vector control (PowerFlex 525 converter only)

Various positioning controls, including :PointStop", stop the motor load at a constant position without encoder feedback.Closed-loop feedback with optional encoder card (PowerFlex 525 converter only) point-to-point positioning mode (PowerFlex 525 converter only)

Integrated PID function, enhanced application flexibility (PowerFlex523 converter has a PID loop, PowerFlex 525 converter has two PID loops)