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1734-OW4Brand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition: Brand New,factory sealed Description: POINT I/O 4 Point Digital Output Module Availability: Always in stock Warranty: 12 month globally


Product Description

1734-OW4 :

1734-OW4 POINT I / O 4Allen-Bradley relay output module is an electronic module that provides solutions for voltage regulation capabilities and point-level output fault conditions.

The 1734-OW4 has 4 open electro mechanical relay outputs with an output delay time from ON to OFF of 20ms.

Through a bleeder resistor, it has a maximum off-state leakage current of 1.2mA 240V AC. The 1734-OW4 has a contact resistance of 30mΩ, an equivalent power consumption of 1.7 BTU / hour, and a power consumption of 0.5W. Its POINT BUS current is 80mA, and the backplane power supply is 5V DC, which can be installed on any of the four 1734 basic terminal modules. The 1734-OW4 can also be used with Control Net and Ethernet adapters using RSLogix 5000 version 11 or later.

The 1734-OW4 is mounted on a DIN rail using terminal base screws determined by the base. It has a rated contact voltage of 120-240V AC at 2A, and an isolation voltage of 250V for 60s at 2550V DC between the field and the system and between the contact groups. The maximum switching frequency of the 1734-OW4 is one operation every 3 seconds and, depending on the load, its expected electrical contact life is 100,000 cycles of load cycles. 1734-OW4 is specified with T4 and T4A temperature codes, and the module has an open case type. It has a single ON signal cable category with 0.25-2.5mm2 (22-14 AWG) solid and multi-strand copper wires rated at 85 ° C. 1734-OW4 has an operating temperature of -20 to 55 ° C (-4 to 131) ° F) at 5 to 95% non-condensing humidity. Its working shock level is 30G and its vibration level is 5G (10-500Hz). The output of each 1734-OW4 digital contact module of 1734-OW4 is rated at 240V DC RMS at 2A, and the current depends on the load. It has 4 NO relay outputs and a POINT Bus current of 80 mA with a maximum power consumption of 0.5 watts.


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