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1734-PDNBrand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition: Brand New,factory sealed Description: POINT I/O Device Net Interface Module Availability: Always in stock Warranty: 12 month globally


Product Description


Allen-Bradley 1734-PDN is a POINT I / O Device Net adapter module and communication interface module. The 1734-PDN has a 24V DC input voltage and a 400 mA field-side power supply with an inrush current of 6 Amp. The Device Net adapter module has a current of 1300 mA POINT Bus. The 1734-PDN has a Device Net connector and two independent power switches, one for system power and one for Device Net power. Its dimensions are 3 x 1 x 5.25 inches. The 1734-PDN also has a status indicator.

The 1734-PDN adapter module has many convenient functions and is therefore an ideal adapter. The 1734-PDN can connect low-level equipment directly to the factory floor controller without wasting energy by connecting to them. The 1734-PDN adapter module also sends diagnostic data to users as needed, and it has more diagnostic functions than other adapter modules, which not only improves its fault detection capabilities, but also improves its data collection capabilities. Last but not least, compared to older hard-wired systems, the 1734-PDN requires less wiring, requires less startup time, and has high noise immunity, making it ideal for busy Used in a factory floor.

1734-PDN allows multiple master control units on the main Device Net network to communicate with individual modules or module groups on the sub net network, so 1734-PDN is an adapter module required by the system.

The 1734-PDN cannot use extended power supplies, and the total current of the POINT Bus backplane of the I / O module must not exceed 1.3A. Each POINT I / O of the 1734-PDN should act as a separate node on the main network.

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