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1734-TBBrand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition: Brand New,factory sealed Description:POINT I/O Terminal Base Availability:Always in stock Warranty:12 month globally



Product Description


Allen-Bradley 1734-TB is a POINT I / O terminal base. It has a clamp type with 8 positions and a cage RTB.

1734-TB Ether Net / IP networks typically use an active star topology. In this topology, device groups are connected point-to-point to the switch. The switch provides virtual
The proposed connection helps control network collisions and reduce network congestion. In a control application, real-time data access is time-critical, so a network is recommended

1734-TB Switch instead of network hub. The star topology has the advantage of supporting 10Mbps and 100Mbps products. Users can mix

As a general industrial control computer, PLC is an industrial control equipment for industrial and mining enterprises. The 1734-TB interface is easy, and the programming language is easily accepted by engineering and technical personnel. The 1734-TB ladder diagram language's graphic symbols are quite close to the expression and relay circuit diagrams. The relay circuit functions can be easily implemented with only a small amount of PLC logic control instructions. It opens the door for people who are not familiar with electronic circuits, computer principles and assembly language to use computers for industrial control.
1734-TB Rockwell PLC modules are available in large quantities and ready to ship!


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