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1734-TBCJCBrand:Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition:Brand New,factory sealed Description:POINT I/O Terminal Base Availability:Always in stock Warranty:12 month globally


Product Description


1734-TBCJC is Allen Bradley's POINT I / O cold junction compensation wiring base assembly, 1734-TBCJC which includes one removable terminal block (RTB) and eight (8) individual wiring Terminal for wiring. This product is dedicated to the 1734-IT2I thermocouple input module. The 1734-TBCJC terminal block is a good choice for wiring thermocouples to a POINT I / O system.

The RTB is mounted on a base mounted on a DIN rail and provides vertical access to screw terminals and wires. Each wire has different terminals available, including shield ground.

The 1734-TBCJC 8-terminal screw fixed terminal base assembly cold-junction compensation wiring base can be mounted vertically and horizontally on a DIN rail, and provides power and POINT Bus communication path lines through the backplane. The orange mechanical key can limit any incorrect installation of the I / O module. In addition, the entire 1734-TBCJC module can be fully assembled without any tools.

1734-TBCJC When using a thermo couple, you must maintain cold junction compensation at the end of the thermocouple wire. The cold junction can be achieved by using an external cold junction compensator, but the 1734-TBCJC cold junction compensation terminal block assembly is more suitable and reliable.

The unit's components include interlocking side pieces, mounting base, DIN rail lock screws, RTB, RTB handle and mechanical key. The replacement RTB part corresponds to code 1734-RTBCJC.

The 1734-TBCJC measures approximately 2.56 x 0.472 x 5.25 mm (65 x 12 x 133.4 inches) and its wire size is approximately 0.25 to 2.5 mm (22 to 14 AWG). 1734-TBCJC weighs about 97.5 grams (3.44 ounces), the maximum power supply voltage is 300 volts, the maximum terminal current is 10 amps, the field bus power supply voltage is 28.8 volts DC, the AC power source is 120 to 240 volts, and the screw torque is about 0.5 to 0.6 Nm.

The connection of the 1734-TBCJC terminal base assembly with the POINT I / O can be accomplished by placing the assembly vertically above the connected module and moving the base downward, allowing the inter lockable side pieces to be inserted into the left side of the device . Press down firmly to secure the terminal base on the DIN rail until the base snaps into place. Check that the locking screws are correctly placed horizontally; to prevent incorrect I / O modules from being installed, rotate the mechanical key (orange) to the number corresponding to the correct I / O module.

RTB is distributed with the 1734-TBCJC assembly; to remove it, pull up on the RTB handle section at the top. This allows the mounting base to be removed and replaced without removing the wiring.

The 1734-TBCJC POINT I / O system has a built-in DIN rail ground. It is recommended to use a zinc-plated chrome steel DIN rail for proper grounding. Single terminal pin connection: 0 (N / A), 1 (N / A), 2 (N / A), 3 (Shield), 4 (1+), 5 (1-), 6 (0+), 7 (0-). Do not use more than 2 conductors on a single terminal pin


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