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1756-IF8Brand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition: Brand New,factory sealed Description: ControlLogix 8 Point A/I Module Availability : Always in stock Warranty: 12 month globally



Product Description


1756-IF8 is an I / O module with analog inputs, with 8 channels. 1756-IF8 is manufactured by Allen-Bradley. The 1756-IF8 converts analog inputs into digital signals and changes these digital values to analog signals for output. These signals are then used by the controller for control purposes. Available input resolutions: +/- 10.25 Volts (320 µV / count), 0 to 10.25 Volts (160 µV / count), 0 to 5.125 Volts (80 µV / count), and 0 to 20.5 mA (nominal) . 0.32 amps / count. The 1756-IF8 has eight single-ended inputs, four differential inputs, and two high-speed differential inputs with 36-pin removable terminal blocks.

The 1756-IF8 is installed in a ControlLogix chassis. When a fault is detected, it comes with dedicated input / output diagnostics. The 1756-IF8 supports three wiring methods. Single-ended wiring compares one side of the input signal to the ground signal and is used to generate data for the controller. When there is no separate signal pair, use differential wiring. 1756-IF8 is widely used in places with high noise immunity. The high-speed differential method will provide fast data updates. The 1756-IF8 has enhanced accuracy, durability, and can perform the same task multiple times in different temperature ranges. It has a time stamp function and electronic keying to reduce errors.

The 1756-IF8 has on-board data alerts to alert you to different events. Can get real-time sampling (RTS) of the channel. It has programmable limit switches that can be used as an intelligent connection between I / O modules. It does not require field calibration.


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