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1756-IT16Brand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition: Brand New,factory sealed Description: ControlLogix 16 Pt TC Input Module Availability: Always in stock Warranty: 12 month globally



Product Description


The 1756-IT16 RPI specifies the rate at which the module broadcasts data. Time ranges from 200 microseconds to 750 milliseconds. When a specified RPI time frame elapses,
The module starts broadcasting data (also known as periodic data exchange). If no state change (COS) occurs during the RPI time frame,
The 1756-IT16 module broadcasts data at the rate specified by RPI. Because the COS function and RPI are not synchronized with the logic scan, it is possible that the input has changed state during program scan execution. 1756-IT16 can do an input data buffer, 1756-IT16
In this way, the user's logic program has a stable data backup during its scanning. Input from input tags can be copied using the synchronous copy (CPS) instruction

The 1756-IT16 data is copied into another structure, and then the data is used from the structure. The values of RPI and COS are used to determine when the module is widely used in its own rack.
Broadcast data, but only the RPI value can determine when the host controller receives data on the network.
When an RPI value is specified for an input module on a remote frame, in addition to informing the module to broadcast data in its own rack, RPI is also "spotting" a spot in the control network data flow. The timing of the "reserved" segment may or may not match the exact RPI value. But the host controller can receive data at least at the specified RPI rate.

If the module 1756-IT16 is located in the same rack as the host module controller, when the host controller sends data, the module receives the data almost simultaneously. All in each task
After the program scan is completed, the data is sent. If the output module is not on the same frame as the host controller (e.g. via Control Net or Ethernet / IP
Remote frame connected), the 1756-IT16 host controller will send data to the output module at the RPI rate. RPI is also "reserving" a section in controlling network data flow
(Spot). The timing of the “reserve” points may or may not match the exact RPI value. But the output module can receive at least the specified RPI rate

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