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1756-L64Brand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition: Brand New,factory sealed Description: ControlLogix 16 MB Memory Controller Availability: Always in stock Warranty: 12 month globally



Product Description



1765-L64 ControlLogix standard controller has 16 MB of user memory and 478 KB of I / O memory for data storage. The 765-L64 also has an optional Compact Flash memory card for use as the second non-volatile memory for the 1756-L64 controller. The 128 MB 1764-CF128 model memory is a memory card compatible with and used with Allen-Bradley 1756-L64.

The 1756-L64 controller can handle up to 250 controller connections. When loading the same project, the scan time of any project loaded in the 1756-L64 controller may be slower than the scan time in the 1756-L6x controller. In addition, it fully supports controller redundancy. Just like the Allen-Bradley 1756-L64 ControlLogix controller,

The 1756-L64 controller has serial port communication options including DF1 radio modem, DH-485, DF1 full / half duplex, Mod bus and ASCII options via logic. The 1756-L64 controller supports different communication options, especially Data Highway Plus, remote I / O, Ether Net / IP, Control Net, Device Net, SynchLink and 3rd party processes and different device networks. The Allen-Bradley 1756-L64 controller can provide up to approximately 128,000 digital I / Os. This is the same as the maximum total I / O. The 1756-L64 controller has 4000 maximum analog I / O. The 1756-A10, 1756-A4, 1756-A7, 1756-A17, and 1756-A13 chassis are Controller-compatible ControlLogix chassis. The 1756-L64 controller also has a replaceable battery, although it should be replaced with a 1756-BA2 lithium battery when needed.


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