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1756-L73Brand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition: Brand New,factory nonprescription: ControlLogix 8 MB Controller1756-L73Availability: Always in stock Warranty: 12 month globally



Product Description


Technical specifications for 1756-L73

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Brand Alan Bradley
Part / Cat.No. 1756-L73
Series ControlLogix
Module Type Processor Module
IO memory 0.98 MB
User memory 8 megabytes
Maximum IO 128,000
Maximum analog IO 4,000
Maximum digital IO 128,000
Current consumption (1.2 volts DC) 5 mA
Current consumption (5.1 V) 800 mA
2.5 watts
Heat dissipation 8.5 BTU per hour
Isolation voltage: continuous 30 volts
Shell no
Allen-Bradley 1756-L73 is a ControlLogix 5570 controller. It has 32 tasks, and each task can hold up to 100 programs. Communication options for the 1756-L73 controller include Ether Net / IP, Device Net, Control Net, Data Highway Plus, Remote I / O, SynchLink, and third-party network ports. These ports are used for programming, configuration, firmware update and online editing. The 1756-L73 controller supports up to 500 controller connections, fully supporting any controller redundancy with integrated motion, including SERCOS interfaces and analog options. Its programming languages are "ladder diagram", "structured text", "functional block diagram" and "sequential function". The 1756-L73 can use up to 8 MB of user memory and 0.98 MB of input / output memory. In addition, it has up to 128,000 digital I / O and 4000 analog I / O. The required current consumption is 5 mA at 1.2V DC and 800 mA at 5.1V DC. The 1756-L73 consumes 2.5 W and dissipates 8.5 BTU per hour. The isolation voltage has basic insulation at 30 V, is continuous, and was tested at 500 V AC for 60 seconds. When using USB 2.0, full speed can reach 12 Mbps. It weighs only about 0.25 kg, with a slot width and an open case.

The module is chassis-based in any slot in the 1756 chassis series. The power requirements for the 1756-L73 controller are standard 1756 power supplies. On the USB port, its wiring category is 3-. The operating temperature of the 1756-L73 controller is 0-60 ° C, and its non-operating temperature is -40-85 ° C. It can operate at an upper ambient temperature of 60 ° C with a non-condensing relative humidity of 5-95%. Its working vibration is 2 g at 10-500 Hz, its working shock is 30 g, and its non-working shock is 50 g. When an SD card is installed, the maximum weight is 45 g.


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