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1756-L73SBrand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition: Brand New,factory sealed Description: Logix 5573S Automation Controller 8M/4MAvailability: Always in stock Warranty: 12 month globally



Product Description


Allen-Bradley 1756-L73S is a GuardLogix 5570 controller and is part of the Logix5000 controller family. It is a ControlLogix controller with safety control functions. It is a dual processor solution and must be used with the 1756-L7SP safety module to achieve SIL 3 or Cat. 4 / PLe standard. The safety partner controller is automatically configured and can bring significant benefits to individual projects. The 1756-L73S has higher processing power and speed of movement as well as high-performance logic. It has a USB port for communication. It can support up to 500 controller connections.
The 1756-L73S controller has 8MB of user memory, 4MB of secure memory, and 0.98MB of I / O memory.
The 1756-L73S can support 128,000 digital I / O and 4000 analog I / O. It draws 5mA at 1.2V DC and 800mA at 5.1V DC. The 1756-L73S consumes 2.5W and dissipates 8.5 BTU / hr. The 1756-L73S weighs 0.55 pounds and has a basic insulation isolation voltage of 30V (continuous).
The 1756-L73S can be installed in any slot of the ControlLogix 1756 rack, or multiple controllers can be installed in the same rack. For secure communication, it uses Control Net, Device Net or Ether Net / IP networks. It is programmed with RSLogix 5000 software with relay ladder logic to perform safety tasks.
The 1756-L73S controller can control or monitor I / O through the backplane or through an I / O link. For controller diagnostics, it has a front display that provides runtime information. It uses an energy storage module, which means no lithium battery is needed. A 1 GB (1784-SD1) secure digital card is pre-installed and can be expanded to 2 GB (1784-SD2) as an optional non-volatile storage.


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