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1756-L7SPBrand: Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition: Brand New,factory sealed Description:Logix L7SP SIL 3 PLe Safety Partner Availability: Always in stock Warranty: 12 month globally



Product Description



Brand: Rokwell Automation Allen Bradley
Condition: Brand New,factory sealed
Description:Logix L7SP SIL 3 PLe Safety Partner

Availability: Always in stock
Warranty: 12 month globally


Allen-Bradley's 1756-L7SP GuardLogix controller is a unique ControlLogix controller. The 1756-L7SP adds safety features to its direct controller function. To achieve SIL CL 3 / PLe / Cat. Must meet 4 standards, and must be used with the corresponding 1756-L7xs master controller, and must have automatic configuration. The 1756-L7SP does not require user settings. The controller does not have a user memory, but has a secure memory corresponding to the main controller and uses an energy storage module.
The 1756-L7SP has a backplane draw current of 800mA at 5.1V DC, and a backplane draw current of 5mA at 1.2V DC. It can dissipate 2.5W of heat during operation and has a heat dissipation of 8.5 BTU / hr. . The 1756-L7SP provides 30V voltage isolation using the basic insulation type between USB 2 and tested for 1 minute at 980V AC.

The 1756-L7SP uses standard Ether Net / IP, Device Net, and Control Net safety communication options, and uses Relay Ladder Logic (RLL), Structured Text, and Sequential Function Chart (SFC) programming languages. The 1756-L7SP is installed in any available slot of the 1756 ControlLogix chassis, and since it is installed with the main controller, it occupies 2 slots. The 1756-L7SP has North American T4A temperature codes, ATEX and IECx T4 temperature codes, and comes in a factory-designed open case. It has an operating temperature range of 0-60 ° C (32-140 ° F), an ambient relative humidity range of 5-95%, and no condensation. Its working shock rating is 30G, and it can withstand 2G working vibration at a frequency of 10-500Hz.


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