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1734-TB3SBrand:Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Condition:Brand New,factory sealed Description:POINT I/O Terminal Base Availability:Always in stock Warranty:12 month globally


Product Description



1734-TB3S In a small, low-cost installation structure, Control Logix system structure not only has communication and new I / O technology, but also provides sequence control, process control, drive control and motion control. Because the system is modular, users can design, build, and change the system more effectively, thereby greatly saving training costs and project implementation costs.

The 1734-TB3S Control Logix system can be a simple rack or a highly distributed system consisting of multiple racks and a network. A simple Control Logix system consists of an independent controller and I / O modules on the same chassis. You can also use the Control Logix system as a gateway, including the communication modules needed to connect to other networks. Such a Control Logix system does not require a controller. If the Control Logix gateway is integrated into an existing PLC system, users on the existing 1734-TB3S network can send and receive information with other networks.

1734-TB3S To obtain a more powerful system, users can: Use multiple controllers in a rack to interconnect multiple controllers in a network using I / O on multiple platforms distributed in different locations, The planning system is connected through multiple I / O links to determine the configuration of the network and the arrangement of components at each location. The 1734-TB3S also decides whether each location needs its own controller. In order to obtain good system performance and easily adapt to future network requirements or change the system configuration, the I / O of each controller should be set in a separate network. If the 1734-TB3S is to share I / O, make sure that the I / O is on a network accessible to each controller. For example, suppose location A and location B both require a controller. Each controller's I / O is in its own network. The two controllers must exchange some real-time information. 1734-TB3S Rockwell PLC module full range of product supply, welcome your inquiry!


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